Sound awakens my memory.

My work explores the relationship between sound and vision,
and through this process I create an experience in which hearing and seeing effect one another.

Music that I have heard at various points in the past is playing through my iPod.
I listen to this music while rocking back and forth on the train, riding my bicycle, or driving down the highway.
Doing so, the scenery before me at that moment and the scenery that
I saw while listening to the same music at another time in the past become mixed,
and I lose track of where I am.

I am interested in relationships between sound and scenery such as this,
as well as the various ways people perceive past, present, and future
through the cultural and religious lenses of different areas of the world.
Gathering and rearranging the sounds around us,
I would like to use the act of listening to shake up our perceptions of the scenery and time presently before us.