Sound Project & Screening
Co-Curation: Hideki Umezawa+Yoichi Kamimura
Image: Leah Beeferman
Design: Tadao Kawamura
NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo, Japan

g0h is a sound project related to snow and ice that Yoichi Kamimura and Hideki Umezawa have been engaged in since 2016. In communication with artists around the world, they have been conducting a variety of recording, listening and performance events revolving around environmental sounds of snow and ice. While evoking the natural environments of such remote places as the South Pole or Greenland, the project encourages the audience to consider how these things are related to their own daily lives. This time the artists focused on the severe natural conditions of polar regions, and collected audio recordings from several artists who have been visiting such places to record the sounds of ice and snow.

Unfolding as a soundscape in the setting of the ICC theaterfs 5.1ch sound system, the sounds of drift ice and icebergs remind visitors of the situation of the natural ice that is slowly but steadily vanishing on a global scale. To perceive such developments through sounds will be an experience that inspires us to imagine the transformation that is happening at places far away from metropolitan Tokyo\natural environments that surpass the power of human beings, yet continue to change as a result of human intervention.

[participating artists]

ELeah Beeferman
EJez Riley French
ERyuichi Sakamoto
EPhilip Samartzis
EHideki Umezawa+Yoichi Kamimura