grandmother, prologue

Sound Installation
Space Wunderkammer, Tokyo, Japan

Yoichi Kamimurafs solo exhibition called Grandmother, Prologue was held at the artist-run space Space Wunderkammer in Toshimaen, Tokyo between the 15th and 29th of March, 2015.
The exhibition consists of a fictional account based on my grandmotherfs memory who spent her youth in Yanji, Manchuria and a soundscape which I composed after collecting various environmental sounds in my daily life and during my trips.
Landscapes and peoplesf lives in my grandmotherfs memory, recorded in the interview,are ambiguous and fragmentary.
In the installation composed of the parallel time axes of sounds and of words,the landscape in my grandmotherfs memory and the one I see at present are far apart from each other, yet coexist with a small connection somewhere present between them.