ambient colors, ambient songs

Sound Installation
sound, speaker,red oxide soil, horn speaker
Technical support : TOA Electronics Taiwan Corp.
Painting image : Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation
Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

One day, I found a landscape painting "East Taiwan Coastal Road" that was painted by Chen Cheng-po in 1930 and I was interested in the story around this painting. This painting was made as a farewell gift to Mitsunoshin Kamiyama who was the Governor-General of Formosa in during the period of Japanese rule. The painting was found in Hofu City, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan in 2015. And this is attaching the relationship between people of Taiwan and Japan even now.

In this painting, there are landscape of east coast of Taiwan, Two people who are assumed that is Atayal aborigines, a traditional canoe of Tao aborigines on the ocean and also a frame of the picture has same patterns as the canoe's. But I'm assumed that this landscape was painted in imagination of Chen Cheng-po. Because Atayal people and Tao people is living at another area each other. But by doing so, he just made the painting which include some elements about atmosphere of Taiwan of former days.
In this residency program in Taiwan, I researched and recorded various elements which is in the painting "East Taiwan Coastal Road", to grasp the difference or similarity of atmosphere of Taiwan in former days and the present.

The vocal which are heard from roof top of TAV at hourly are songs about praying for fishing and ocean by Tao people in Orchid Island.
The sound in the gallery are wave of ocean in east coast, a beach in Orchid Island and sound underwater in old harbor for bring nuclear waste in Orchid Island. And the red color on the floor is same one used to paint the canoe of Tao people.
The singer of Tao said to me, "There are few people who can sing the song now". But even now the blue of the ocean of them looks blue.