perfect circle

Sound Installation
sound, speaker, spotlight,
dimmer control system, acrylic paint
Technical support : Shohei FUJIMOTO
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), Aomori, Japan
Photo/Video: Tadasu Yamamoto/Hiroshi Suminaka

Listen to the signals from the heavens.

For two years, Ifve been recording the sounds of the sea in the regions I visit on the days of the full and new moons. The strongest tidal forces of the sea are at work on those days. Itfs something called the spring tide, a phenomenon that occurs as a result of the back-and-forth gravitational pull of the moon as it interacts with the earthfs crust and core.
This is the day on which the moon most affects the earth and her living organisms. The tidal force causes the earthfs surface to bulge, which in turn transforms the ecosystems of its life forms. The habitats of marine life change daily due to the ebbs and flows of the tide. Animals hunt by the light of the full moon and retreat in caution on the night of the new moon. The reproductive cells of algae are renewed once each month.

At Nikitatsu
We have waited for the moon
Before boarding our boat;
Now the tide is in at last -
Come, let's get to rowing!

This song from the Manyoshu, an ancient book of poems, tells us that the moon has brought the tide and that it is time to set sail. The moon also holds sway over us as humans and our society.
These daily geophysical cycles of astronomical bodies are inscribed on the biorhythms of all living organisms. Menstruation is just one example of this. By recording and gathering signals from the heavens, I hope to see the world on a cosmic level that transcends human language.