i still can't get over you

4.1 sound system, drawings
Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo, Japan

This art piece is a part of the exhibition "Floating Between the Tropical and Glacial Zones" in Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo.
An installation by Kamimura that combines multiple drawings and sounds. Mixing Kamimura's ongoing field recordings of ice floes in Shiretoko in the Sea of Okhotsk, Kurosawa's sound materials recorded in the Amazon, and his own recordings of human breathing, he creates a new soundscape in which ice floes and the tropics collide and permeate each other. In the drawings, Kamimura and Kurosawa present their shared memories and sensations as a constellation of coldness and hotness, using a gradation of cold and warm colors to create a landscape of ice floes and the tropics.

On the one hand, Kamimura interprets the photographs and sound materials of the Amazon by Kurosawa and tries to create new horizons, but on the other hand, he also imagines the distant Amazon, which he himself has never been to or seen, and depicts these as abstract images. It also depicts the feeling that the images of the Amazon are melting into the sea of the drift ice that Kamimura has directly experienced.