Sound of Therme Vals

Field Recording Project
Therme Vals, Vals, Switzerland

I have researched "Therme Vals" which is designed by Peter Zumthor and environment around this architecture and gather environment sound by Field Recording. Because I think that he is thoughtful about relationship between architecture and its surround environment. It means exactly that he designs the environment.

Researching the stone mined in this region as material for this architecture.

Field Recording of nature environment around "Therme Vals".

Field Recording the inside of "Therme Vals".

For example, sound of water in pool and acoustic echo of walls or architectural space.
I would like to capture the environment which created by Zumthor's thinking and his architecture by gathering sound of inside and outside of "Therme Vals". And I aim for make a sound-installation made from the architecture with using materials obtained by these research.