no human, no nature

antique postcard, water generated by melting drift ice,

This two dimensional artwork was made by collecting different kinds of postcards which had been printed with images of drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk, and making the images and scenery of drift ice disappear in melted drift ice from that same sea. These photos of drift ice on the postcards tell a story that it did indeed once exist in that place. However, what is shown on the postcards may still be the same today, but it may also have completely changed. The metamorphosis of this area is due to climate change, and changes in the natural environment are part of an environmental cycle which goes beyond the time axis of humanity. However, these environmental changes are perhaps the influence of energy emitted by human society.

Kamimura, who captures what human hands are unavoidably adding to nature, has forcibly decolorized the landscapes of drift ice shown on the postcards with melted drift ice water, and hints at both the future of drift ice, deteriorating as the landscape on the postcard is artificially eliminated, and an artificial natural ecology.