gypsum, water generated by melting drift ice,
speaker, sound

Seawater has been created by melting drift ice from the Sea of Okhotsk and mixed with gypsum powder, and blended. This has been used to make inorganic matter in the form of white plaster objects. If you bring your ear close to the surface of these solid objects, which have been recrystallized from seawater and gypsum, you can hear from inside them the sound of a time when it was once drift ice. There are creaking sounds and the sounds of drift ice melting, they echo as a temporary existence which melts away into nothing. Kamimura uses gypsum, which was once used mainly to make stone coffins and cups for powerful people, and for sculptures of heroes and ancient construction, and even today it is a raw material used for construction, such as plasterboard, to capture a ghope for permanence.h Kamimura throws doubt onto permanence via the environmental sound of drift ice, made by field recordings, which reverberates from the inside of the gypsum.