Floating Between the Tropical and Glacial Zones

collaborative project
installation, snow globe( 150 x H180mm), motion sensor, water color drawing(277 x 277mm)
Copyright: Yoichi Kamimura + Seiha Kurosawa
Photo: Hyoue Ishida, Kenji Takahashi
Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo, Japan

Today, global issues related to the natural environment, such as global warm- ing, are attracting the attention of many people across national borders. These problems are not only linked to the scientific aspects of the ecosystems of a certain region but also its political and economic aspects. It is even having a significant impact on the current trend of the art world.

This project is a joint research-production project organized by Yoichi KAMIMURA, an artist who has been investigating drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk and producing works in collaboration with Hokkaido University, and curator Seiha KUROSAWA, who has done field research on the natural envi- ronment and culture of the Amazon region in Brazil.

Nowadays, environmental changes occurring in places that are considered to be 'extremely far regions' from urban life are heading towards a both metaphor- ical and physical 'heat' that involves the global ecosystem and our reality. This proj- ect combines the research results obtained from two seemingly opposite subjects: drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk and the tropical rainforest of the Amazon. By using the contrast between 'coldness' and 'heat', and by combining the two, this exhibition aims to present a new perspective of our environment.

*This project was adopted as one of the 4 projects in the exhibition section from the 161 applications submitted from Japan and overseas in the "OPEN SITE" open call program of Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS).

A snow globe work which is a part of the exhibition "Floating Between the Tropical and Glacial Zones" created based on Kamimura's documentary photographs of drift ice and Kurosawa's memories of the Amazonian landscapes. The Amazonian forest growing out from under the drift ice, a landscape that does not exist in nature, has a warm, fairy-tale atmosphere unique to snow globes, but at the same time evokes the cold, uninhabited world at the end of climate change.