Inhale / Exhale

balloons, luminescent paint, black light, hammock, air
Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo, Japan
Copyright: Yoichi Kamimura + Seiha Kurosawa
Photo: Kenji Takahashi

This art piece is a part of the exhibition "Floating Between the Tropical and Glacial Zones" in Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo.
An installation using a large number of transparent balloons and a hammock. The balloons are printed with fluorescent paint with English text related to Kamimura and Kurosawa's memories of the field research, interviews, and related literature. The transparent balloons show the air (atmosphere) that move between visible and invisible, and create a fluid landscape that is never fixed. In addition, a hammock, which is often used in tropical regions such as the Amazon, is placed in the center of the exhibition room, where visitors can take a rest. The work oscillates between the tension created by the fragility of balloons and the healing sensation of rest.

*This work will be partially recycled into another works after the exhibition.