The Drowned World Anchor

Collaboration Project
Spiral, Tokyo, Japan
Main visual: Jukan Tateisi
Photo: Kenryou Gu

A lump of time, Strike an anchor into the world

Our world is drowning in the sea of uncontrollable information and things. I wonder virtual reality cover over before the world moves under the surface of the water due to global warming. What keeps us in the reality in this era when physicality and sense of time are becoming scarce?

Isn't it a physicality with time that has been forgotten in the virtual world? The anchor is struck into the sea where is ticked the time of the human race has lived.

There are various artists such as photographer, sound artist, performer, architect, actor, movie director, poet, writer and curator in the exhibition space. In the space some performers are dancing, chilling out, reading text, and drinking a beer under huge aluminum sheet object which hanging from the roof as iceberg. And the sound of drift ice composed by Hideki Umezawa + Yoichi Kamimura surround the space.